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Jul 14 10

Modern Tapestries – Three Ways to Modernize your Home with Tapestries

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Using tapestries as elements of decor is not a new idea: remnants of Greek tapestries have been found preserved that date from as early as the 3rd century BCE.  Today, in the 21st century, tapestries can still be found adorning walls, and not just those in museums.  Even the most modern homes often feature a contemporary tapestry in a prominent place as a display of personal art preferences.  Does your home need a fresh, modern look?  Read on for tips on modernizing your home by decorating with tapestries.

1.  Contrasting Color Themestudy Modern Tapestries   Three Ways to Modernize your Home with Tapestries Use a stark black and white theme.   Modern interior design is based on a simplistic approach, such as keeping the color scheme pared down to just these two colors and shades of gray in between.  Achieve this clean look by placing a black, white, and gray modern tapestry on a wall.  Ideally, this wall would be painted one of those shades as well.  The goal here is to display a contrast between the color of the tapestry and the wall.

2. Art Deco One of the hallmarks of this modern interior design style is geometric shapes and patterns.  Modern Tapestries   Three Ways to Modernize your Home with Tapestries You can start or finish your design with a tapestry (to truly follow art deco, choose one with vivid colors) but make sure to mimic this in your other design elements as well.  Think of nontraditional furniture and rug pairings, as well as paint colors on the walls.  Finally, make sure there are smooth lines and that everything flows.  To stay true to this this design trend, clean lines are necessary.

3. Eclectic Blends Modern tapestries often take twist on a traditional pattern. For example, Modern Tapestries   Three Ways to Modernize your Home with Tapestries the classic Abstract Damask Brushed Steel Square Wall Hanging utilizes elements of the Victorian era (the Damask pattern) and makes it modern by displaying it in black and white in a blurred style reminiscent of cubism. For optimal results with this method, choose designs from styles no more than two eras apart.

Using tapestries is an excellent way to update your home with a modern style.  Browse the large collection of modern wall and abstract tapestries available at

Jul 1 10

Top 5 Tapestries to Add a Contemporary Feel to Any Room

by Administrator

What’s the first thought that comes to mind when you hear the word “tapestry”?  Or a larger-than-life woven scene hanging in a museum?  Perhaps an Indian wall-hanging with multicolored elephants and intricate patterns?  Or is it a glamorous portrait of Marilyn Monroe?

Well, a blond bombshell is most likely not the first image “tapestry” evokes in your mind, but consider the unexpected m Top 5 Tapestries to Add a Contemporary Feel to Any Roomood this Hollywood Lights Wall Hanging will create in your living room or recreation room.  Laying flat against dark or white wood panels, or even against a variety of solid-colored walls, this image will grab attention.  If you are displaying it in a small area, to make sure the image doesn’t overpower the room, All Tapestry recommends keeping the rest of your decor simple.Damaskerade Wall Hanging

Perhaps your room decor is a little more traditional and you are seeking an update.  The Damaskerade Wall Hanging is a perfect tapestry solution.  Using a traditional damask pattern, the print has been enlarged to achieve a more contemporary and edgy feel.  Imagine the punch this hanging delivers when placed against a neutral wall!

Bring  Top 5 Tapestries to Add a Contemporary Feel to Any Roomout your inner hippie with the Bohemian Paisley Wall Hanging.  This color block image of paisley and Eastern-inspired colors will work well to bring a sense of peace and calm to any room in which you choose to display it.  The muted blue blocks in the tapestry can be used to pull out any shades of blues you may already have as design element; for example, small accessories, such as pillows, or larger pieces of furniture, such as a couch.

For even more Zen, consider artist Asha Menhrajani’s Zen Flower Wall Hanging Top 5 Tapestries to Add a Contemporary Feel to Any Room.  Inspired by the Far East, this work of art features creamy, soothing tones, with a hint of deep red at the center of the cherry blossoms.  Placing this in an already cluttered area may provide a small sense of relief, but this is another piece All Tapestry recommends featuring Top 5 Tapestries to Add a Contemporary Feel to Any Room in a room where it can truly take center stage in the most unassuming of ways.

Finally, let’s look at tapestry that truly exemplifies modern and abstract art.  In a modern take on Cubism, the String Theory Tapestry Wall Hanging uses bold color blocks with abstract shapes to depict the multiple points of view individuals see when experiencing a work of art.   Versatile, this tapestry could hang in any room, from a living room to a bathroom.  Even as wall decor in a child’s room, this tapestry will remain a modern classic through the years.

Many people never consider the effect a tapestry can have on their wall.  Tapestries are similar to framed artwork; however, one of the differentiating factors is that a tapestry is actually woven from cotton or linen.  As a result, a tapestry will last a lot longer, making it worth the investment.  Decorating with tapestries is a rising, modern-day trend, as more and more people discover the elegant yet contemporary feel a wall hanging creates.

What’s your take on these tapestries?  Can you envision any of them hanging on your walls?

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